Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

AAC - Corona Virus Statement

UPDATE 30/05/2020: All of the AAC Waterproofing Ltd team have passed a Coronavirus Awareness Course before being permitted to report back on site. Copies of certificates will be supplied when we submit RAMS for upcoming projects.

In response to the current Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, AAC Waterproofing Ltd wish to share the following information as we continue to proceed as normal.

We are following the latest available advice as issues by UK Government daily with the view of protecting the heath & wellbeing of our employees, clients, partners and supply chain.

Our labour force is monitored daily and all employees have undergone a toolbox talk on procedures to follow, should they be concerned regarding Coronavirus.

To help protect our staff and partners, we are encouraging regular hand-washing and personal hygiene as per latest guild-lines.

We are instructing those employees who fall ill to stay at home and consult their healthcare providers. A worst-case scenario of self-isolation due to contracting the virus, project programmes may be affected nationwide. We will endeavour to update specific site teams should this happen on a regular basis.

Normal operations continue at all our sites unless advised otherwise, until further notice.

To date, our supply chain is not experiencing issues that can cause delays, but we will continue to monitor and advise accordingly.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Andy Porter
Laura Hibbert