Not Just a Flat Roofing Contractor


Who we are

According to the various online search engines and directories, we are a ‘Flat Roofing Contractor’.  However, that doesn’t do justice to what we really are.  We prefer the title ‘Flat Roofing Service’ – because that’s what we concentrate on offering to our clients and customers.

From the inception of AAC Waterproofing in the early 1990s, our ethos has always been that the most effective business model is to retain customers for repeat business, or if repeat business isn’t available from them, to make sure we get a good reference from a happy customer.

We are aware that in the world of marketing and reputation, bad news travels faster and further than good news, and even if good reports travel slower, we like to make sure that we only have good reports following us around.

So from the time of the initial enquiry from a customer through to the signing off of our installation work, we work hard to liaise closely with them and give the customer a worry-free and happy experience.

How do we do this? Simple, friendly and effective communication at all stages.  Delivering our proposal and quotation in a timely fashion, all clearly laid out.  Order confirmation, with timescales and all site logistics, outlined.  A Contract Manager who acts as a point of contact for all matters regarding the roofing works.  And a friendly ear on the phone for any follow-up queries after we have left site (a clean and tidy site, just as we found it).  Nothing magical – just good old fashioned communication.

We are able to provide this service due to having a keen staff and workforce, several who have stayed with us since the early days of the family-run business twenty years ago.  Our people make us who we are and you can rely on them to deliver your roofing project to your complete satisfaction.


Since 1989 as AAC Waterproofing, but AAC is the successor to the earlier Anglesey Asphalt Company, which was re-focussed into single-ply membranes, particularly Prelasti EPDM sheet rubber roofing, by the then Managing Director – Ian Parry – who had the vision to see the future of cold-applied roofing systems.  Our roofing heritage, therefore, goes back to the mid 1970s.

What we do

Flat roofing, in a nut-shell.  New-build or refurbishment.  But, only cold applied systems – no flame guns or boilers.  Why?  Because, as explained more fully in another blog post on our website, flame guns and bitumen boilers (which heat bitumen to 260°c !!) has caused, and still cause, building fires, property damage, and personal injuries.  Contractors who install hot-applied systems will tell you that they can ‘manage’ the risks.  Our preference is to eliminate the risk at the source completely.  Hence, all of our flat roof installations are cold-applied systems – EPDM Sheeting (‘Prelasti’), thermoplastic membranes (single-ply systems such as Protan and Sika Sarnafil), and liquid-applied waterproofing systems (Maris waterproofing). 

Our flat roofing systems are inherently safe from a fire-risk point of view and carry the appropriate third-party accreditations so that you can be assured that your Building Regulations requirements are satisfied.

And our roofing installations can be found on all manner of buildings, from private dwelling-houses, bespoke residential ‘dream-homes’, commercial, industrial and Government property (including MOD).

Where we operate

Although we are based in North-Wales (lovely country-side if you fancy a drive to our offices) we work across the North-West of England, North-Wales and further afield when the need arises – some of our regular clients have property all over the country.

How we operate

By using our three-point methodology; Design – Materials – Workmanship

  • Design – Carrying out a thorough roof inspection, or assessment of construction proposals, and paying attention to the fine details of the waterproofing installation (the devil is always in the detail!) as well as the logistics of carrying out the works on the particular site.
  • Materials – Making sure we select the most appropriate waterproofing system for a particular roof – and client budget.  We are approved installers for several manufacturer’s roofing systems and will work to their specifications where the job is specification-led.
  • Workmanship – Sending roofing operatives to the job who are trained and experienced (i.e. have well-practised skills) for the particular roofing system.  Manufacturer representatives will inspect and sign-off our works where they are providing the waterproofing warranty.


Because it’s what we know, and what we are good at.  And we are always proud to have provided our customers with a pleasant experience, especially when roofing works can be so intrusive to people’s homes or places of work.