Pond & Lake Lining Solutions

At our manufacturing plant in Anglesey we have been prefabricating and supplying Prelasti EPDM sheeting for pond and lake lining for domestic, commercial, industrial and large-scale landscaping applications since 1994. Ornamental ponds, landscaping, slurry lagoons and fire-water reservoirs have long been regular applications for our Prelasti sheet liners, but recently rainwater attenuation and SUDS schemes have become important requirements for designers of the built-environment who have to satisfy environmental considerations.

EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer to give it it’s full title) is a synthetic rubber which has properties superior to other commodity membranes such as pvc. EPDM is UV stable, so can be left exposed to sunlight if required (we also supply these membranes for roofing applications where they have a proven durability of over forty years), and has a greater puncture resistance than pvc, so is less prone to mechanical damage.

Lining sheets can be prefabricated to any size and shape up to 1,200m2, and where larger schemes are required, can be site jointed using portable site welding equipment by our specialist team of installers. The factory prefabrication process involves joining individual rolls of EPDM together using hot-vulcanising equipment which produces homogenous laps which are as strong as the membrane itself.

Accurate survey and measurement is required to produce the optimum size and shape of sheeting to accommodate the three dimensional form of the excavation or structure, excess material for edge fixing, and to facilitate site logistics and handling. Our landscaping specialists can assist with every stage of this process.

AAC Waterproofing offer Prelasti EPDM made to measure sheeting on either a supply only basis, or as supply and install. We have been installing pond and lake linings since 1994 and so have a vast experience of the differing applications.

Benefits Of Prelasti EPDM Lake Linings

  • High puncture resistance – less prone to damage
  • UV stable – no degradation of exposed material. No need for edge protection if not required.
  • Highly elastic and flexible (low modulus of elasticity) – can stretch and form around irregular features.
  • Design flexibility – sheets can be customised to any shape to facilitate the project
  • Chemically inert – No hazard to wildlife. Fish friendly version available also. No pollution hazard to local environment
  • Site fitting service – membrane will be fully installed in-situ
  • Large scale sheeting – Faster site installation. Many linings supplied & installed in a single piece.
  • Made-to-measure customised sheets – minimal waste of material. No off-cuts for disposal off site.