Prelasti EPDM Roofing & Walling

Gelon Hanna House was built as a fisherman’s hut in Dungeness, Kent, in the 1930s, on a beach famous for its variety of beach and fisherman’s houses. In a redevelopment by architect Simon Conder, it was stripped back to its timber frame, extended to the south and west to capture the views and clad both internally and externally in spruce plywood. This plywood provides all the internal finishes, including walls, floors, ceilings, doors and joinery. Externally both walls and roof are clad in Prelasti EPDM membrane, the first installation of its kind in the UK, and as Conder himself puts it, the rubber membrane is “a technically more sophisticated version of the layers of felt and tar that are found on many of the existing buildings”. We were delighted to be part of this innovative project and to be able to offer our unique product, vast experience and specialist skills to create what is a very striking property. Gelon Hanna House still stands proud on the Dungeness headland, and has been withstanding challenging weather conditions for over 15 years.