Modular Building & Offsite Build Roofing Solutions

Offsite construction is a method of constructing large parts of a project in a factory controlled environment allowing for shorter construction times on site.

Volumetric, Modular, Panelised and component are the four types of offsite construction.

The benefits of offsite construction are:

  • Improvements in performance and accuracy thanks to controlled (factory conditions) manufacture.
  • Reduced waste – typically, waste is no more than 2 per cent from a factory environment, but is higher at sites.
  • Better health and safety – factories are 80 per cent safer than construction sites. On-site safety is improved as site labour is halved.
  • Accurate design and construction compliant with BIM techniques Streamlining of the design and build process.
  • Cost reductions – site labour is more than twice as expensive as factory-based work, while factory-based productivity doubles site productivity.
  • Transport cost saving, and reductions in carbon emissions for greener, more sustainable construction.

AAC Waterproofing’s prefabrication techniques and BIM capabilities are perfect for offsite construction projects. Our products are assembled in a controlled environment and can provide 100% joint integrity and instant waterproofing cover for projects.