Refurbishment Roofing Solutions

Flat roofing refurbishment requires an understanding of the construction and condition of the existing roof, as well as consideration for the building occupiers and their activities.

At AAC we have a long history of carrying out roofing refurbishment projects either direct for clients or through professional consultants.  We often advise building surveyors, architects and facilities mangers on the most effective method of refurbishing a roof.

Having assessed the existing construction of a roof, and its current condition, we will recommend a procedure for refurbishment.  This may sometimes the involve complete removal of the roof covering and structural decking, but we will also stipulate the appropriate safety measures to be taken for the protection of the building, its occupiers and any visitors.

As installers of a variety of different roofing systems, we will also propose the most suitable roofing system for the particular situation.  As approved contractors for various manufacturers systems such as Protan, Sarnafil and Prelasti, we can access top-end roofing products and manufacturer warranties.

Why Choose Us

  • Flat roofing specialists with national coverage
  • Specialist cold-applied systems installer
  • Approved contractor for systems manufacturers such as; Prelasti – Protan – Sika sarnafil
  • Over 40 years’ experience in flat roof contracting
  • AAC Waterproofing warranties and/or Manufacturer warranties available – according to project type.
  • Diverse client-base of Consultancies, Main Contractors, Industrial, Health, Education, Utilities & M.O.D.
  • Roofing Survey & Inspection service
  • Green or Terraced roof installation, providing Recreational, Environmental & Aesthetic benefits.
  • Bespoke roofing solutions for all flat roof situations.
  • Trained & qualified workforce and Management

Prelasti EPDM overlay of existing felt roof