Dream Homes (To be or not to be – A flat roof?)

Dream Homes Flat Roofing

Why might you choose to put a flat roof on your dream home?  Maybe the question doesn’t apply to your dream home design because you have already opted for a house design where a flat, or low-pitch, the roof is an integral part of the architectural style.  But where the choice of roof type is open to you there are reasons why you might opt for a flat roof design in order to fulfil a preferred requirement, and in some cases, the flat roof becomes a necessity and the body of the house has to be designed around a flat roof condition.

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Green Roofing Services by AAC Waterproofing

Green roofs (or, making the most of the fifth elevation)

The word ’Green’ frequently gets attached to other terms, usually to imply some sort of environmental-friendliness credentials. But in the case of green roofing, it is not only asserting environmentally positive credentials but describes a roof which is literally green – albeit often with sprinklings of many other colours of nature.

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